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	Well I notice a problem already. If you are using an IDE drive,
you don't want to use a scsi partition. What IDE controller is it on,
master or slave? Here's a summary of root devices for IDE drives:
hda: ide controller 1, master
hdb: ide controller 1, slave
hdc: ide controller 2, master
hdd: ide controller 2, slave
	For example, if it was on the master of the second controller, you
might set the load line to:
\linux\loadlin \linux\vmlinuz.spk root=/dev/hdc4 rw
	You were reading readme.ppa, but that's for the parallel port
version of the drive, not the IDE version.
	Just try different IDE partitions, you'll probably eventually find
the right one. If the kernel panics, you know you've got the wrong one.
	Another idea is to copy loadlin.exe and the vmlinuz.spk kernel to
you're hard disk. Get the dos drivers out of autoexec.bat (or
whatever) and use the zip drive as the root device. In short, load the
kernel from the hard disk, but use the zip disk at the root device. An
c:\linux> loadlin vmlinuz.spk root=/dev/hdc4 rw

On Sat, 27 May 2000, djc wrote:

> 	Hi. I'm running Matt Campels speakup with the slackware. I want to put
> linux on to a zip disk. I have an iomega ide internal 100 meg zip drive on
> the machine. I put the linux folder on the disk and I changed the load line
> to sda4 and then booted in to true dos and called my drive which is drive
> D. It came up talking ok so it found the doubletalk but near the end of the
> opening screen it gave a panic kernel error and said it couldn't open. I
> read the readme.ppa file but I sure don't understand what to do to fix this
> so it will run from the zip disk. My linux runs fine off my c:\ drive so
> all the files are ok. If anyone can advise what I need to do in order to
> get this to run from the zip disk I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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