Running Speakup on a zip drive

djc djc at
Sat May 27 20:14:31 EDT 2000

	Hi. I'm running Matt Campels speakup with the slackware. I want to put
linux on to a zip disk. I have an iomega ide internal 100 meg zip drive on
the machine. I put the linux folder on the disk and I changed the load line
to sda4 and then booted in to true dos and called my drive which is drive
D. It came up talking ok so it found the doubletalk but near the end of the
opening screen it gave a panic kernel error and said it couldn't open. I
read the readme.ppa file but I sure don't understand what to do to fix this
so it will run from the zip disk. My linux runs fine off my c:\ drive so
all the files are ok. If anyone can advise what I need to do in order to
get this to run from the zip disk I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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