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Janina Sajka janina at afb.net
Sat May 27 12:21:53 EDT 2000

I would suggest becoming more familiar with Lynx before jumping to these
"fixes." I say this because what you suggest can already be accomplished
far more easily through existing tools.

I guess today is my day for chiding MS Windows/DOS people to give up their
Redmont thinking at the unix door. This is not that country and these are
not those customs. I submit the cultural analogy is apt. Please learn more
about the customs and usages of unix/linux before trying to make it look
and act like Windows/DOS.

This is not to say that everything about Windows/DOS is awful. But, then
there is a reason why most of us have moved away. On Thu, 25 May 2000,
ddunfee.. wrote:

> hello,
> because the lynx.cfg is a text file, it should be easy to do a batch file
> that allows the user to choose options.   the choice could then be appended
> to the end of the lynx.cfg file.   each item should be discussed in detail
> to assist the choice.   for example, if one chooses numbered links, the
> option of using the number pad as navigation keys is lost.   i like this
> option because it puts web and page navigation in one place for the right
> hand alone and i don't like the aditional chatter of numbered links.
> you might also consider using an alias to start lynx.  there are several
> items which can be chosen from the command line at start up.  these too
> might be chosen using a configuration batch file or shell script.  an
> example of this is the number of web pages to cache in memory for instant
> return without downloading again. 
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