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Sun May 21 11:35:56 EDT 2000

What compiler version is this? Egcs-2.91.66 will give you a sig 11 every
time. It seems to be a compiler bug. What I did was to remove egcs,
install gcc-2.95.2 for the duration of that compilation (libcdaudio and
cdcd both) and then put egcs back. I don't know why it gives a signal 11
and I don't know another way to stop it from doing so. This always
happened to me on slackware, I never tried it on another distribution.

On Sun, 21 May 2000, Dave Hunt wrote:

> Thanks for your answer.
> I tried compiling the cdcd package and couldn't even compile the
> 'libcdaudio' on which it depends.  My compiler  was stopped by a signal 11
> every time.
> --Dave--
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