audio cd players

Ken Perry whistler at
Sun May 21 13:42:18 EDT 2000

Well you did say all comments.  My comment is CD roms for computer s are 
tested for 1000 hours of use so my suggestion is buy a portable sony or
some portable CD rom and stick it by your computer. then you can use
your other Cd rom for computer related stuff instead of killing it with

Shrug just a thought.

kenOn Sat, 20 May 2000, Dave Hunt wrote:

> I would like suggestions from the group regarding audio cd players toat
> will run in a Zipspeak installation.  A Slackware binary package is
> preferred, but I'm willing to try compiling.  
> I tried compiling one such program, and got a 'compiler received fatal
> signal 11'.  What is signal 11?
> All comments appreciated,
> Dave
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