Problem getting the patch file to work

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I had this problem when trying to patch Red Hat 6.1.  It turned out that Red
Hat hadn't provided the full source in their .rpm files.  I downloaded a
2.2.14 kernel source and uncompressed it into my /src/usr directory then
re-ran the patch and all was well.  The complete URL is:

I got this info from some helpful folks on the blinux list and I hope this
helps you too!

Tim Burgess

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Well, I can only give you a few suggestions because I don't know your
exact arrangement.  Is your linux source directory named linux?
Linux-2.2.13 or whatever won't cut it.  Are you sitting in the
/usr/src directory when you run the patch command?  If you are in the
linux directory it won't work because it expects to patch to the
directory linux.  What version of patch are you using? my patch is
version 2.5.  Okay, let's start from there.



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