Linux hanging when trying to set serial port.

Joseph Norton jnorton at
Tue May 16 07:57:21 EDT 2000

Hi Kirk:

We didn't touch on isapnp.  I ran it and it says it needs a config
file.  I'd delve more into it, but, I don't have time for the next day or
so.  Any suggestions, feel free to get with David and y'all talk about
it.  Wish I could be of more help.   One thing I will note.  My plug and
play modem was assigned com4 IRQ 5 and I just set my serial.conf file up
to use that and it worked.  However, Don't know how to approach this from
a Linux standpoint.  I just went with whatever Windows did and it seemed
to work.

On 16 May 2000, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Hi Joe:  Does he set up the modem with isapnp to place it on irq=5?

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