Redhat6.1 boot disks with Speakup don't seem to work with DoubleTalk LT

Jim Wantz jwantz at
Mon May 15 21:34:42 EDT 2000

Hey Vic, I think that all the people on this list are really sharp, I
wasn't offended in the slightest--I just wanted to make myself clear
(grin).  If you had been able to hear my voice inflection you would have
known that.  That's the problem with text sometimes.  I certainly hope you
have it up and speaking by now.  The only problem I had with RH 6.1 and my
Doubletalk LT on this desktop was with the driver causing the kernel to
hang if I would leave the speech on during the initialization process. So
the remedy was to shut it down at the beginning and reanble it at the sign
on prompt.  With Kirk's latest driver the kernel no logner hangs.
However, that's definitely not what you are experiencing.

     73s Jim WB0TFK

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