Redhat6.1 boot disks with Speakup don't seem to work with DoubleTalk LT

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu May 11 16:13:35 EDT 2000


I had the same problem with my IBM Thinkpad 560Z.

The issue turned out to be that the serial port on  the backplane of the
Thinkpad was being seen by Linux as ttyS1. Seems the irda port on the
front plane is ttyS0. So, the fix was to add the following at the boot


so my boot prompt response became:

text speakup_ser=1

That did it.
 On Thu, 11 May 2000, Victor Tsaran

> I downloaded the boot disk for RedHat6.1, ltlkb.bin, and copied it onto a
> floppy. I tried it on two machines and in both cases the machines booted, but
> no speech ever came up. Anyone have an idea why this behavior?
> Vic
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