Changing my prompt

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Mon May 8 13:34:24 EDT 2000

> And here is where I got bitten.
> There is a difference between .bashrc and .profile. .bashrc is executed for all
> shells, .profile is executed for login shells only.

i wouldn't think that the prompt would matter for non-login shells. Am I

> It gets worse: .profile was the old default however the new default under
> Debian at least is .bash_profile and .profile is no longer sourced if
> .bash_profile exists. In summary check that bash manpage.

This is only true if a person is running bash isn't it? I know that most
people run bash, and we often take that for granted. But since it is
possible that someone isn't running bash, I hate to leave that possibilty
out. The .bash_profile was somethign I wasn't aware of. But otherwise my
understanding is that .profile is normally processed regardless of the
shell that is chosen (other then the previously mentioned exception).


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