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Mon May 8 09:52:01 EDT 2000

And here is where I got bitten.
There is a difference between .bashrc and .profile. .bashrc is executed for all
shells, .profile is executed for login shells only.

It gets worse: .profile was the old default however the new default under
Debian at least is .bash_profile and .profile is no longer sourced if
.bash_profile exists. In summary check that bash manpage.

As to the prompt style, having the path in the super user prompt has stopped
me hosing the wrong directory more times than I can count, and with undeletion
under the ext2 file system a grief trip; it is not something to be undertaken

Regards, Kerry.
On Mon, May 08, 2000 at 06:14:20AM -0500, Kirk Wood wrote:
> Which file you edit depends on if you want to make the change to the
> prompt global to all accounts, or just for your user. If you want a global
> change, edit /etc/bashrc or /etc/profile (redhat places it in bashrc,
> though the description of profile would place it there). If you want to
> change it for one account go to the home directory and put the change in
> either .bashrc or .profile.
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