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David Baker dbaker3 at
Sun May 7 14:48:32 EDT 2000


I wish I had read your message sooner.  Anyway, I reran the install a couple
of times, and now have bypassed the keymap.  One problem.  I can't get the
setup to create a LILO boot floppy.
Since my primary device is:
I need to know what to put in the
file.  I made it as a one-line file with
but it said
'Syntax Error on Line 2'

So ... can you tell me either how to make a lilo booter floppy, or what to
put in the /etc/lilo.conf file?

Even if you send me one for
I'll just copy it, since both machines are next to one another, I can type
it in.

Why would it say that it couldn't copy the files?  It said:
cp couldn't copy not enough space

These were empty floppies, and I had tried recreating the LILO disk, since
the keymap thing had screwed up.  Sorry for the confusion and everything.
Maybe as a Windows programmer, it's good for me to see what it's like being
the new user! <grin>  I have been reading all the documentation I can.



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Hi David:

Sounds like you may have told setup to remap your keyboard (this is about
the only option you should skip in Slackware setup).  Anyway, here's
something that may help.  Look in your /etc/rc.d directory.  If you have a
file in there called 'rc.keymap' just delete it and this should fix the

Hope this helps.

On Sat, 6 May 2000, David Baker wrote:

> I notice that I get Speakup Navigation keystrokes right up until a screen
> less before
> login
> After that, numpad is just a num pad.  Yes, numlock is off.  Why would
> work normally partway up and then disappear?  It's as though a different
> keymap is getting loaded~
> Thanks,
> Dave
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> I've got Slackware fully installed and bootable; I used the liloconfig.tty
> after making a lilo booter floppy.  Is there a way I can get my num pad
> without reinstalling everything?  Now that the OS part is fully
> it sure boots fast!  I saw the readme for installing Speakup, but is that
> the Slackware CD as well?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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> Um, the default boot disks that are on the speakup site should work. Just
> use the text.gzone or something and get it going.
> Just  use the cdrom for the installation media so that the files can be
> copied off of it when it wants to install the packages.
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