Can't install Slackware

Joseph Norton jnorton at
Thu May 4 21:57:05 EDT 2000

Hi David:

If you're wanting to install Slackware from the CD or file sets, you'll
need 2 files, one from the Speakup ftp site and another from the Slackware
rootdsks directory (or it's also there on the Speakup site).

The first thing you'll need is a boot disk.  You can ftp it from:

Look in /pub/speakup/disks/slackware/bare-i

for the bare.i images.  The images are named for the synth they
support.  For example, bare-i.dt is for the Doubletalk, is for
the LiteTalk (or Doubletalk serial) synth, bare-i.apc is for the accent
PC, bare-i.asa is for Accent SA and bare-i.spo is for the Speakout
synth.  If you need the scsi.s disk images they are in
/pub/speakup/disks/slackware/scsi-s using the same naming conventions.

Then, you'll need a root disk.  Sounds like you're wanting to install to
an existing DOS partition.  In that case you'll need the umsdos.gz root
disk image.  This is in the rootdsks directory on the slackware cd or in
the speakup site.  On the speak site, the file is located under

After you get both files (make sure you transfer them in binary mode), you
need to use rawrite to write each to its own floppy.  After you've done
this, you should be able to boot up using the boot floppy.  Simply boot
it, press enter at the boot: prompt (which won't talk), and wait.  It
should ask you for the root floppy after that.  Should say something like:

vfs: insert root floppy to be loaded into ramdisk and press enter.

Do this and you should get a message that it is loading the root floppy
into the ramdisk.  After a while, you should get a login prompt.  Follow
the instructions there and be sure to read the help.  The color menus are
a bit tricky, but, with a bit of careful playing around, you should be
able to figure it out.  

I'm working on an audio tutorial on installing slackware and this should
provide some help for all who want to install Slackware.  Hope this helps.

On Thu, 4 May 2000, David Baker wrote:

> I had been using a ZipSpeak boot floppy.  Do I have to use the umsdos.gz
> file, since I'm installing to a drive that has a FAT16 File system on it?  I
> don't want to keep it, that's just what it is now.  I was reticent to run
> fdisk.exe from a boot floppy, since MicSoft's fdisk doesn't support a Linux
> partition.
> BTW, after whacking enter as you suggested (with that boot floppy made with
> Rawrite from Zipspeak), I still got a Kernel Panic VFS error; couldn't open
> root device.
> I appreciate any help you can give.
> Thanks,
> DaveB
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> All you do is insert floppy disk in the drive and hit enter.
> Use the speakup disks found on the site, not the boot disk on the cd.
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