Can't install Slackware

David Baker dbaker3 at
Thu May 4 21:44:06 EDT 2000

I had been using a ZipSpeak boot floppy.  Do I have to use the umsdos.gz
file, since I'm installing to a drive that has a FAT16 File system on it?  I
don't want to keep it, that's just what it is now.  I was reticent to run
fdisk.exe from a boot floppy, since MicSoft's fdisk doesn't support a Linux
BTW, after whacking enter as you suggested (with that boot floppy made with
Rawrite from Zipspeak), I still got a Kernel Panic VFS error; couldn't open
root device.

I appreciate any help you can give.



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All you do is insert floppy disk in the drive and hit enter.
Use the speakup disks found on the site, not the boot disk on the cd.

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