internet radio and linux!

brent harding bharding at
Fri Jun 30 16:48:54 EDT 2000

				Is there any easy to use program that allows one to send streaming
audio over the internet in linux? I'm tired of those hard to use graphical
programs in windows that don't really do what I'd like. I want a program
that works good with speakup. Also, I want it to allow me to specify times
to play certain things over the stream. I want it to not pause so long
between songs. I would also like to be able to record shows at certain
times from the internet, either from media player streams, realaudio, or
mp3-shoutcast streams. I was thinking of a script that would play a song,
sleep for a few seconds less than the duration of the song and continue
playing the next songs. I don't really know how to do stuff like that
though, especially when the time stuff comes in to specify to cut off
what's playing, or wait until it's done and play it. It'd be too hard to
play every song and time it to see how long it lasts to subtract a few
seconds to make the script, but harder still to remember the times to write
scripts to play it in the future. I find that if I do play commands one
after another, with my sblive sound card, I hear the songs all played at
once, I really don't want that. What program does this type of thing that's
speech friendly debian linux 2.2? I found a radio program, called radio,
but it deceived me, it was for controlling radio tuner cards, not what I
had in mind. I found icecast, but there's not much of an interface to it to
do much with, windblows is needed to connect to it to feed the stream in,
and I'll have to relay it to a free net station provider called, so I'm limited pretty much to streaming mp3. Is there an easy
way to put live content in the stream, like you can in windows? Is it
possible to make it record from the mike and mp3 source at the same time,
so I don't have to edit config files and reboot every time I want to
switch, or get the annoying click when you do it?

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