Decext driver not compiling

Joseph Norton jnorton at
Wed Jun 21 21:12:19 EDT 2000

Hi Tommy:

Basically, I took a boot disk image and dd'd it to a floppy.  Then, I
mounted it under /mnt.  I replaced the kernel on the floppy with the
appropriate kernel image for Speakup and ran the following commands on it:

rdev /mnt/vmlinuz /dev/fd0
ramsize /mnt/vmlinuz 49152
rootflags /mnt/vmlinuz 0

Then, I had to copy the lilo.conf file on the floppy to a file I called
bdlilo.conf and run lilo using it as follows (I made sure my working
directory was /mnt before I did this):

cp /mnt/etc/lilo.conf /mnt/bdlilo.conf
lilo -v -C bdlilo.conf -r /mnt
rm bdlilo.conf

Don't know why I had to do that, but, it seemed to work best for some
reason.  Seems like I had problems when trying to run lilo specifying

I also had to move some files from the disk to make room for some
operations--these disks are tight!  I then moved the files back.

After all this, I unmounted the floppy and dd'd it back to a file.  

Hope this helps.

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Tommy Moore wrote:

> Hey Joe. How's it goin?
> Can you post the steps for making those slackware boot disks? I tried
> doing it a couple times before. I got it to work once, but that's about
> it.

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