New bare-i boot disks

Joseph Norton jnorton at
Mon Jun 19 07:30:18 EDT 2000

Hi Kirk and listers.  I have uploaded a new set of the bare.i Slackware
boot disks with speakup 0.09 in them.  Bill tested 3 of them and
hopefully, they all worked.  I did hear the Audapter one work anyway.

Since more synthesizers are being supported, I changed the file names to
more easily differentiate between synthesizers.  The file names are as

acntpc.dsk - Accent PC boot disk
acntsa.dsk - Accent SA boot disk.
apolo.dsk - Apolo boot disk.
audptr.dsk - Audapter boot disk
bns.dsk - Braille 'n Speak boot disk
dectlk.dsk - DecTalk Express boot disk
dtlk.dsk - DoubleTalk PC boot disk
ltlk.dsk - LiteTalk or DoubleTalk LT serial synthesizer boot disk
spkout.dsk - Speakout boot disk
txprt.dsk - Transport Serial synthesizer boot disk

I still can't get the decext (older DecTalk external) driver to compile,
so that's left out for the moment.

They are just like the other boot disks in that you first get a lilo
prompt.  If you need to pass any parameters to the kernel, this is the
place to do it.  If not, just press enter and, hopefully, your synth will
be detected and it will ask for the root disk.

Kirk:  The bare-i.tar.gz file is in /pub/incoming awaiting your
perusal.  I hope to have a new scsi-s.tar.gz file up there soon as well as
a new README.


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