Announcing trplayer 1.0.0: An Accessible RealMedia Player

Charles Hallenbeck chuckh at
Tue Jun 20 09:35:29 EDT 2000

Hi Matt!

Congratulations on the release of trplayer! It looks like a much needed
addition to the arsenal...

I have just implemented a "filter" to pull an http address out of a .pls
or .m3u file and pass it along to an mp3 player - I have been playing with
mpg123 since I cannot run freeamp on this system - and so I substituted
trplayer for mpg123 in my scripts. On the speakup audio page, I find that
trplayer works great on all the .ra and .ram links, and also on the
acbradio .pls  link, but on Kirk's egoplay.pls link it is silent for a
while then gives up. Does that link work for you with trplayer? mpg123
will not handle it either, but gives sporadic bursts of sound until it too
gives up. My connection is a 33.6 dialup modem.


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