Announcing trplayer 1.0.0: An Accessible RealMedia Player

Matthew Campbell mattcamp at
Tue Jun 20 08:50:32 EDT 2000

trplayer is a RealMedia player for Linux which has a text-based
interface instead of a graphical interface.  This makes it fully
accessible to blind users and others who can't use the graphical user
interface or prefer the text interface.  trplayer supports all media
formats supported by RealPlayer 7 (RealAudio, RealVIdeo, MP3, etc.).
In presentations which involve video and other visual media, trplayer
plays the audio and discards the rest.

trplayer is available for Linux and is a free download.  The trplayer
home page is at:

You will also need RealPlayer 7 for Linux in order to use trplayer.

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