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Tue Jun 13 12:25:26 EDT 2000

>>>>> "Kirk" == Kirk Reiser <kirk at> writes:

Hi Kirk,

    Kirk> Currently, we are rewriting rsynth to eventually act like any
    Kirk> standard speakup driver.  We are also extending the drivers to
    Kirk> be loadable as modules and they will support a standard device
    Kirk> driver interface in the /dev system.  They will most likely be
    Kirk> part of the major device misc and will probably have the name
    Kirk> /dev/synth.

more and more good news, I like this...:-)

I would like to stay in touch with you about this new design - and any
further information, details and code (even alpha) would be most welcome
(shortly saying I think it wise to work with the new design of speakup
in mind ;-).

    Kirk> I can send you the DoubleTalk programmers manual if you like.
    Kirk> I would like to hear more about your software synth.  Is it
    Kirk> going to be gpl'd?  I agree it would be nice to support more
    Kirk> than just English.  I think we may be able to extend what I
    Kirk> think we are going to call TuxTalk to also support other
    Kirk> languages if we get enough help and responce over time.

    >> Is it possible to get the DoubleTalk command set description
    >> somewhere?  As I have stated earlier we have some software
    >> synthesis working and we would like speakup to be able to use it
    >> in the future. I know rsynth a bit (I have played with it some
    >> time ago) but it's english "only" :-).

Yes, I would be glad if you could send it to me.

One of my colleagues made simple czech synthesis (resembling rsynth in
the way it is small, fast plus quite understandable). It is called
'mluvitko' and it is GPLd. We use it with emacspeak at this time. You
can have a look at where the last version
can be found (but the pages are in czech :(.

    >> The last question: have you considered to attend the LSM in
    >> Bordeaux (

    Kirk> Well, I never heard about it before this mornings posting.
    Kirk> There is no way I could afford to go to France for a confrence
    Kirk> like this.  It certainly looks interesting though.

Hmm, it's most unfortunate. We are organizing the topic "Free software
for the blind and visually impaired" (it will appear on the web of lsm
in the few days) and we think it would be most worthwhile if you could
attend too. We are in contact with other people and we ask them to
come. I think such a conference is very good to discuss new ideas and
past work.

It isn't easy for us to attend (because of money) but we think it very
important and useful to take part and talk and exchange ideas regarding
projects for the blind. It was announced too late, but what can we do?
Wouldn't you reconsider?

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