Speakup Praise!

Matthew Janusauskas matthewj at core.com
Fri Jun 9 23:50:20 EDT 2000

Hi All,

This message is mostly for Kirk, but I hope he doesn't mind me sending it
through the list for all to read.

I just wanted to send a note expressing my excitement and extreme
appreciation for the work that has gone into speakup.  After loosing my
eyesight a few years ago in the middle of trying get a computer science
degree I had about given up on having access to the linux and UNIX world.
Through the help of Matt Campbell getting me started with his zipspeak
distribution with speakup 0.08 for my DecTalk Express I've been haveing a
ball getting re-aquainted with the UNIX world.

Speakup is an incredible program that I am very thankful to have.  I still
have great concernes about the mainstream evidently pushing xwindows so hard
and being blind having zero access to that interface, but I'm still thankful
at least for the access to the text based system and utilities.

I'm looking forward to learning how to compile my own kernels so I can
independantly experiment and perhaps help others.

Thanks again Kirk for the outstanding and excellent work on speakup!  Maybe
I'll be able to try out v0.09 soon.

Best Regards,

-Matthew Janusauskas

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