rtf files and slackware

Jacob Schmude jacobs at ncinter.net
Thu Jun 8 16:26:07 EDT 2000

	One comes with metamail. I wouldn't call it a converter,
though. It displays the rtf file on screen in plain ascii, so you could do
the following command to convert it:
richtext file.rtf > file.txt
	You could also put a line like this in .mailcap to have your
browser handle these files:
text/rtf; richtext %s ; copiousoutput

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Jude T. DaShiell wrote:

> Do any converters exist?  I tried searching for rtf in the man pages and
> came up blank.
> I just got 8 bit download capability back thanks to slackware and
> zipspeak!
> verio was no help in this matter though.  It turns out they use mschap and
> stand-alone and I used another ip-address number for the system in
> pppsetup and that now works.  Lynx shows its normal startup page, and I
> managed to ftp 4 files in binary mode onto my hard drive and one of them
> being a zip archive checked it out with linux unzip and that came back
> with no errors.
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