Speakup Vs. Screader (was Re: Maybe a strange question!)

Jacob Schmude jacobs at ncinter.net
Thu Jun 8 16:23:34 EDT 2000

	I have used screader before and I must say the three major
improvements from it to speakup are:
	1. The review key assignments. Screader does not have a bypass key
and it uses almost every alt key combination on the keyboard.
	2. Screen reading. Screader will only read the line you're on, so
any shell messages are not read automatically. This is the strangist thing
a screen reader could ever do.
	3. Silencing speech is supported. Since speakup has drivers for
specific synths, it knows how to shut up speech. All screader does is stop
the text flow, which doesn't work for synths like the dectalk or
doubletalk. You can also change the voice parameters in speakup.

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Jim Wantz wrote:

> Hi Michela,
> I have vaguely heard of Screader, but sorry, I have never tried it.As for
> Speakup, its a great program, but you must learn how to compile the kernel
> if you want to run it--except Zipspeak which is a mini Linux distribution
> that runs under MSDOS.  That will come up speaking right away.
> Your English is perfect!
>     Jim
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Michela Botti wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > This is my first message and I have a probably stupid question for you.
> > Has anybody ever used the Screader program? Which are Speakup's main
> > improvements in screen reviewing, with respect to this program?
> > Any explanations will be appreciated!
> > Best regards, Michela
> > P.s.: sorry for my English!
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