changing sound cards

Charles Hallenbeck chuckh at
Mon Jun 5 07:36:30 EDT 2000

I am finally getting around to configuring my new sound card with the alsa
4.1 drivers which worked so well for me with my trusty old historically
important sb16. Many weeks ago when I underwent an upgrade frenzy, I
palmed  that old card off on a friend and put in a plug and play awe64. I
asked the list for advice about PNP cards at that time, and got plenty!
Jacob made the most useful suggestion, pointing out the configure option
in the alsa drivers called '--with-isapnp=yes' and so that is what I tried
first. My signon messages now report that isapnp actually found the card,
and when I check for interrupt assignments with 'cat /proc/interrupts'
sure enough, there it is, my new card on IRQ 5 just where I wanted it to

End of good news.

My first sign of trouble comes when the alsactl utility reports that it
cannot find an sb16 card, and now I am at a loss. I presume some of my
aliases need to be changed to reflect the new card, but since I just stole
them from Kirk, I have no idea what to consider. Any help would be greatly


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