speakup at university

Saqib Shaikh saqib at saqib-shaikh.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 14:52:02 EDT 2000

hi all,
sorry for the cross posting, but i need as good as answer as there 
is, as this is a pretty important decision.  i am currently using 
speakup with zipslack, and find it good, since the zipspeak 
distribution is the only one where you don't need to compile source 
for the speech program because mr campbell has already done 
that. anyway, i am really looking at the long term and in october i 
will be going to university to read computer science and will be 
required to use many of the laboratory computers, many running 
linux. ok, the university aren't going to be kene on my patching 
their kernel so that when my synth isn't connected the computer 
will crash! even if it doesn't crash speakup may cause trouble with 
other user's as they would still have to take heed of the speakup 
hotkeys. is there a solution to this problem? wel, the first i guessis 
to ask whether it wuld be possible to have my own boot disk, then 
log onto the university network with speech? secondly, i'll probably 
end up writing my own non kernel based screen reader! please, 
anyone give advice since i believe many of you gang must be at uni 
yourselves since many email addresses imply this.
thanks, regards, saqib shaikh

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