A new linux user

Dave Hunt wx1g at connact.com
Fri Jun 2 20:38:18 EDT 2000


I welcome you to the Linux user community!  The performance of Speakup,
and Linux in general, will continue to impress you, I'm sure :-)

Here, you have  several options for getting help.  First:  the usenet
newsgroup 'comp.os.linux.setup'.  Don't forget the mailing list
'blinux-newby at egroups.com', a list devoted to helping new Linux users who
are blind.  Some of your questions may also be answered on the list
'blinux-list at redhat.com'.  Finally, don't forget the many
"faq's" (frequently-asked questions) and "how-to" documents available with
any of the Linux distributions.

Good Luck,


On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Chris Schulte wrote:

> Hello,
> I am a new linux user, and was impressed by the performance of speak up
> which I had the privilage to observe on a friend's machine.  However, I
> don't know how to compile a kernel, and don't know where to ask such
> questions.  Could you please inform me as to where I can find a list
> dedicated to new linux users, or a web site where I can find such
> information.
> Regards:
> Chris Schulte
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