Trouble getting speakup-0.09 to work with RH6.2

David Robinson redbaron at
Fri Jun 2 15:35:13 EDT 2000

I downloaded the new spekaup-0.09 for linux.  I'm using Red Hat Linux 6.2
and I copied the speakup-0.09-v2.3-patch to the /usr/src directory.  I
used the patch -p0<speakup-0.09-v2.3-patch and I got the following errors

1 out of 1 hunk ignored
patching file linux/maintainers
hunk succeeded at 809 with fuzz 2 (offset 186 lines)
can't find  file to patch at input line 587
perhaps you used the wrong -p or --string option
enter the file to patch:

I don't know what to do after I get these errors.  I have the patch-2.5
for patching files to the kernel.  I've read the installation file and
before you compile the kernel your supose to use the patch command to
patch the files to the kernel but I can't get past the patch command.
After I did the patch command I tried to compile the kernel and I didn't
see andthing prompting me about speakup.  What am I doing wrong with the
patch command.  Can some one help out to get speakup us and running?


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