Today's Funny

A. R. M. ali at
Wed Jun 4 09:59:31 EDT 2003

An anthropologist was assigned to Borneo, where he found a guide
with a canoe to take him up the river to the remote site where he
would make his collections. At noon on the second day of travel
up the river they began to hear drums. "What are those drums?"
asked the anthropologist, knowing he was in cannibal country.

The guide turned to him and said "No worry.  Drums OK, but very
bad when they stop."  They both went ghostly pale when the drums
suddenly stopped. The guide crouched in the belly of the canoe and
covered his ears.

"Do as I do! Very important!", intoned the guide with great

"Why?  What does this mean?" asked the panicked anthropologist.

"Drums stop! Next come guitar solo!"

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