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On Sun, Jun 05, 2016 at 08:45:32AM -0400, Jude DaShiell wrote:

Hi Jude,

answers are inline below.

> Is some form of wifi support planned for devuan?  I was able to run it
> locally and will try it with an ethernet connection to see if it gets out
> onto the internet when I do that.

In the last images there is a minimal wpa_supplicant.conf, which
should be sufficient to configure wifi using wpa_cli. I am aware that
this is not ideal, but I couldn't find a proper network manager to
include in the minimal live (almost all of them are bloated, and
require a massive amount of dependencies). I know that the Devuan
developers are working at a minimal console-based connection manager,
but that is not yet there.

In the meanwhile, I am also trying to include the accessible boot
option in the standard live (which will have higher requirements in
terms of both RAM and disk footprint), and this is a very good

> If emacs is already on devuan it would be possible with edits of probably
> three files to install emacspeak-git and get it working pretty quickly.
> export DTK_PROGRAM=speakup_soft in each .profile file and a line in each
> user's .emacs file given on the emacspeak-git distro's info page should get
> that done.

Emacs is on Devuan, but not in these minimal live images, where only
zile (a tiny emacs clone) is available. So at the moment there is no
support for emacspeak either :( Sorry for that. I am working to keep
these images really "minimal", in terms of disk and memory

Nevertheless, I am planning to include the possibility of installing
"on-the-fly" specific sets of packages, e.g. emacspeak, by choosing
them from a simple menu, but this is something that might require a
bit of work to become useful.

Thanks again for your feedback :)



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