No such device when echoing to speakup/synth

Keith Wessel keith at
Mon Apr 22 13:04:42 EDT 2013



This may be a question answered elsewhere, but my web searches, checks of
the list archives, and browse of the Speakup website didn't help.


I'm moving to a new system and am getting "No such device" when echoing my
synth (ltlk) to /sys/accessibility/speakup/synth. Speakup and the synth are
both built-in to the kernel, not modules.


I'm making a quantum leap from my old system here: old system is a 32-bit
with on-board serial ports running Kernel 2.6.39. New system is 64-bit with
Kernel 3.7.10 and SIIG two-port PCI serial card. Both systems are tunning
Gentoo with the Gentoo-sources kernel and the version of Speakup distributed
with those kernels.


I did see a post from late 2011 saying that Speakup still wasn't supporting
PCI serial cards. Is this still true, or does my problem lie elsewhere?





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