Redefining a character pronunciation

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Sat Apr 20 18:51:32 EDT 2013


Adam Myrow wrote:
> You can't directly edit files in /sys or /proc.  The easiest way to
> change the pronounciation of a character is to use the speakupconf
> utility. First, as root, run "speakupconf save."  Then, make your
> changes under /etc/speakup/i18n.  Last, run "speakupconf load."

This, of course works :-)

/usr/bin/speakupconf just uses cp to move the file into place...

I wrote (17apr):
> I haven't discovered any effect that the synth parameter
> "punct" might have. For example, it doesn't seem to change
> the punctuation level when using synth_direct,

That's wrong ! because I had only tested the extremal values 0 and 2.
It's the intermediate value 1 that makes the difference:

The punct parameter controls the punctuation-level applied to the
synth_direct input.  When punct is 0 or 2, then # $ % & * + / = @ are
pronounced, and when punct is 1 all punctuation seems to be pronounced.

The new Speech::Speakup version 1.02 is on CPAN.
Unfortunately the little demo app it comes with,
has a bug left over from testing.  So, until 1.03, use:

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