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I haven't submitted it to CPAN yet, but I've written a small Perl
module for the getting and setting speakup parameters. It offers the
routines speakup_get(), speakup_set(), synth_get() and synth_set().
When called with parameters and values, they get and set as
you'd expect; and when called with no arguments, they return
a list of the available parameters. For example:
  use Speech::Speakup qw(speakup_set synth_set);
  speakup_set('silent', 7);  # impose silence
  synth_set('punct', 2);  # change punctuation-level

My synth is espeak, and the espeak parameters are documented in
  man espeak
but the values in /sys/accessibility/speakup/soft/*
don't seem to correspond.
For example, my pitch is 5, but the espeak manual says
    -p <integer>
        Pitch adjustment, 0 to 99, default is 50

In  http://linux-speakup.org/spkguide.txt  it says:
  If you find one you aren't sure about, you can post a query
  on the Speakup list.

so that raises the question: where are the speakup parameters
documented - their ranges and so on ?

Regards,  Peter Billam

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