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Tony Baechler tony at
Mon Apr 1 07:31:02 EDT 2013

Yes, but this assumes that I'm at the local console.  I almost never am. 
When I am, I only have to use the Alt-right arrow to get to another VT. 
That doesn't work with ssh which is usually how I connect.  I use ssh over 
the LAN.  I just want one press of ^d to log me out instead of two.  As it 
is now, if I su to root,I have to press ^d four times.  The first exits my 
root shell, the second exits Screen, the third logs me out and the fourth 
closes my Cygwin bash shell.  There must be a quicker and easier way.

On 3/31/2013 9:14 PM, Devon Stewart wrote:
> I did this a while back. It got a bit unusable on a remote machine, but it could work for you:
> Create a script, and use this in your inittab (or however you launch your VTs)
> Use 'tty' to determine your TTY name
> Look for a screen session matching that name.
> If it doesn't, create it.
> If it does, attach to it.
> Should be pretty straight forward. I used a technique like this to separate shell history files per VT for a friend of mine.
> -Devon

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