encryption of partitions/lvm without speakup

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Mon Feb 28 01:13:56 EST 2011

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Thanks to Joe, Alex, and Luke for your input. It's pretty much as I
had figured things to be. I haven't heard of ecryptfs before though,
will have to look that up.

To expand a bit on what I was thinking of, I've got a couple
partitions that aren't necessary to boot encrypted already, and I
enter the pass phrase, and mount them by hand. I was however also
considering encrypting swap partitions, of which I have 2 on this
system (long story). The system has enough RAM, so that swap isn't
needed for booting to finish, so I could bring swap up by hand, except

1. When the system is being shut down/rebooted, I'm not sure if the
system will turn off swap gracefully if swap partitions aren't found
in /etc/fstab, and

2. This is my server machine, which is why the usb drive method
wouldn't be practicable. Going back to swap though, I don't want to
risk a situation where the power goes off while I'm not hear, and the
system runs for say a week without any swap available.

Thanks again for the suggestions.


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