speech-dispatcher and espeak

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 12:16:11 EST 2011

I seem to have gotten pulseaudio working without any problems. I just 
installed pulseaudio and changed /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to get rid of 
the distortion. Here's the values I changed, which I read on the Arch 
forum somewhere:


And you'll need to uncomment this one:

default-fragments = 5

The original value was 4, but the post said to change it to 5, and I'm 
having no trouble with it at this point.

I see no reason now to still be paranoid about installing pulseaudio. 
It's becoming the default in more and more distros, and it's good to 
report any bugs that come up. That being said, this is the reason why I 
have come to love Arch. It has no default system, so it's possible to 
make choices based on personal preference rather than having choices 
made by distro X that may not fit individual needs.

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