spd-say seems confused.

Christopher Moore chris.w1gm at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 19:18:40 EST 2011

I'm running the arch speech-dispatcher-git package.  
Here's what happens when I run  spd-say

[w1gm at nextdog ~]$ spd-say "hello"
Failed to connect to Speech Dispatcher:
Error: Can't connect to unix socket /var/run/speech-dispatcher/speechd.sock: No such file or directory. Autospawn: Autos
o start with error code, stating this as a reason: Autospawn failed: Mismatch in socket names. The server is configured
1gm/.speech-dispatcher/speechd.sock, but the client requests a different path: /var/run/speech-dispatcher/speechd.sock.
application configuration or the value of the SPEECHD_ADDRESS environment variable.

It seems that spd-say thinks that speechd is a system-wide service rather than a local service.  Do I need to remove some /etc or /var files?


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