OT: descriptive video on the web survey.

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Fri Feb 18 15:03:34 EST 2011

Hi all,
Sharing this so they can get participants from across as many computer 
platforms as possible.  Take it if you can, or at least share it widely.

Take a Survey: Text-to-Speech Delivery of Description of
Web-based Video

WGBH's Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for
Accessible Media (NCAM) is conducting a joint study with
IBM-Japan on the feasibility of using text-to-speech software to
deliver descriptive narration of Web-based video.  No worries-
we're not considering uses synthesized voices to describe movies
and TV, just video that appears on the Web (and that is
proliferating at a rapid pace).  A survey is posted now at the
URL below.  We invite people who are blind or have low vision and
who are over 18 years of age to take the survey, which will be
posted until Friday, March 4. It is fully accessible with screen
readers, and should take between 45-60 minutes (though folks
report finishing it in less time).


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