Things for Sale

Robert Spangler spangler.robert at
Mon Feb 14 10:07:25 EST 2011

Hello all,

I have a few things that I would like to sell.

First, I have two Dell machines - no screens or any other accessories-
just the boxes.  One is a Dymension 3000 with 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD
and I believe it is a P 3.  The internal sound card is disabled and I
have a Sound Blaster Audigy II in it.  Also I added a DVD

The second machine is slightly older, I believe it is either a P1 or
P2 with a 20GB HDD and a little over 700 MB of RAM.  It would probably
run Linux quite well.  This machine is designed so that one can remove
pieces from the box without unscrewing things.

I will sell parts from these machines separately if necessary.  Also,
I have a Double Talk External that I will sell for $50.  I had it sent
back and repaired a few years back.  I also have one of those old IBM
clicky keyboards.

I am also trying to get rid of a Romeo Pro 50 Braille Embosser for
$1,000 or best offer.

I am asking $200 for each of the boxes or best offer.

Please email me at spangler.robert at with any questions or
call/text 937-474-7533.

Thanks all!


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