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Thu Feb 10 15:44:19 EST 2011

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On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 07:20:52PM +0000, Christopher Brannon wrote:
> However, the machine needs to have at least an i686 processor.  i586 and
> earlier will not work.

Ah, ok, that explains why it indeed does not. Let me clarify what kind
of hardware I'm working with here. This is an original pentium,
running at 133 MHz, with 64 megs of RAM. The name of the kernel that
debian installed here ends with 486, though this is probably because I
don't see any 586 images available in debian.

I'm not sure how many people still use old hardware like this, though
I do think that if I am, then there probably are others. What this
experience has done for me so far, is to bring home the need for a
modern livecd that could be used for rescuing such a system. I'll have
to find time to see if something like this already exists, and see
what could be done to get speakup into it, or start such a project
myself. The big challenge would probably be making a small enough
ramdisk, while including enough software to make such a livecd useful.

Thanks to everyone who responded for your help so far, and I'm still
very much open to other solutions.


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