a note for linphone users who want to use the freeswitch server

Christopher Brannon chris at the-brannons.com
Mon Feb 7 18:49:15 EST 2011

Several of us have noticed a problem with linphone when using the new
voice chat server on linux-speakup.org.
Specifically, if there are no other participants in the conference, or
all of the other participants have muted their outbound audio, linphone
automatically disconnects after 30 seconds or so.
It is quite annoying.
I found the workaround this afternoon.
Edit ~/.linphonerc, and look for the line that says:
You should change the 30 to something higher when using the freeswitch
conference.  I set it to 7200.
Yes, this is just a workaround.  I'm not convinced that it is the best
permanent solution.

Hope this helps,
-- Chris

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