Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Thu Oct 29 20:35:57 EDT 2009

Tony Baechler  <speakup at braille.uwo.ca> wrote:
>If you can send me your email address and the URL for the feed, I can 
>have it emailed to you.  I use a program called rss2email.  That gives 
>you the option to pick and choose what episodes you want.  

Another option is hpodder, which is available in Debian. It's a command line
tool that has become my preferred method of downloading podcasts.

It's written in Haskell, and therefore requires Haskell libraries to be
installed. The Debian packaging system handles this automatically, but if
you're using another distribution that doesn't provide a packaged version of
hpodder, be prepared for more manual installation work than is required by a
typical C program.

One of the advantages of command line and most ncurses-based software under
Linux is that accessibility goes without saying: access problems are the rare

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