Big problem after upgrading grub

Cheryl Homiak cahomiak at
Thu Oct 29 19:18:23 EDT 2009

Hi all.

On one of my computers, I mistakenly thought the new grub was working  
okay and I ran the upgrade-from-legacy command. It's obvious I didn't  
know what I was doing!!! At any rate, now the computer won't boot and  
of course since I can't read the screen I have no idea what's going  
on. To make things worse, it isn't set to boot from cdrom so I can't  
just pop in a cd and try to use it; it's a thinkpad t23 laptop though  
I don't think that makes much difference with this problem. what I  
want to know is:  is there anything I can do to get a command prompt  
of some kind and type something to get grub to try another device if  
that's the problem or is there anything else I can do or am I going to  
have to wait and see if somebody can help me try to set the cdrom to  
boot; for some reason I've had problems doing this though I've had  
other thinkpads and gotten them to reboot from cdrom.

I know this was all my own fault for running the upgrade command and  
if I have to wait and try to get sighted help I'll of course do that,  
but if anybody has any suggestion of something I can try on my own  
I'll try just about anything. There is a floppy drive I can attach or  
insert but I think that would be pretty complicated; it might be a  
possibility though.



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O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."
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