Fetching from gmail

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at charter.net
Tue Oct 27 10:08:48 EDT 2009

Is anybody currently fetching mail with fetchmail from gmail? I found  
a tutorial for this online but (1) when I ran the command to get the  
certificate I got two begin and end certificates and I didn't know  
whether to include both and whether or not to include what was in  
between the two; and (2) the tutorial gave an issuer certificate and I  
think I got an error re: this so that cert may not be current. I know  
I have the gmail end set correctly because I can get my email on my  
Mac with Apple mail with no problem but I'd also like to have the  
option of getting it on my linux system. Any help with how you got the  
correct cert. and exactly what you put in your .fetchmailrc (though I  
think I may have this part right) would be appreciated.



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