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> Vinux 2.0 Command Line Interface Edition - Release Announcement
> I am happy to announce the release of the CLI Edition of Vinux 2.0 !
> The CLI edition comes in the form of an installable live CD which provides
> a console only version of Debian Lenny 5.03 with Speakup installed and enabled 
> by default. This editon is aimed at intermediate and advanced users
> and perhaps beginners who want an easy introduction to the command line 
> interface. It was inspired by GRML, but is aimed specifically at VI desktop 
> users rather than sighted sysadmins. It comes with over a thousand packages
> installed covering all of the main catagories: editors, browsers, mail clients,
> text-based games and lots of utilities etc. It also features over 60 single
> character command aliases for all of the most common commands e.g. 'm' for menu,
> 'i' for internet, 'e' for editor etc. To see a full list just type 'h' to view 
> the help file or 'a' to see a list of all of the alias commands. You can find 
> the iso and some documentaion at: 
> http://vinux.org.uk/downloads/old/2.0/CLI-Edition/
> Have Fun!
> drbongo
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