clipboard integration -- possible security implications

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Oct 24 03:16:32 EDT 2009

Why?  What if I want the Speakup clipboard to go in a file on disk but I 
don't want it in X?  If in X, why not open it in a text editor?  I agree 
that the most convenient would be to copy it directly to the X 
clipboard, but I can think of cases where one would want a permanent 
copy in a file for use later.  Just one example might be in cases where 
the machine needs to be rebooted (like a kernel upgrade) and a command 
needs to be run after the reboot which was copied into the clipboard.  
Another example is if I want to copy something within Speakup, logout 
and access it via ssh.  That's why I like my idea of requiring users to 
be in a special group.  I don't often change Speakup settings with ssh 
but I do sometimes.  I think that in order for the Speakup clipboard to 
automatically go to X, a separate utility would have to be written.  I'm 
not a programmer and I have no idea how that would be done.

On 10/23/2009 4:55 AM, Chris Brannon wrote:
> Next, you have to figure out how to contact the X server that the current
> user is using.
> If there is going to be any sort of automatic transfer of data between
> Speakup's cut buffer and the X clipboard, then both of those pieces
> of info need to be known.  Who requested the copy or paste, and where is
> his X server -- assuming that he is running X?

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