Unattended Windows Instalation with Linux

Michał Dziwisz michal at dziwisz.net
Tue Oct 13 14:25:35 EDT 2009


i found this site:


In few days i will have an QNAP disc server, so i wand make my life 
easier instaling Windows systems using this.
They are offering a disc images with Linux, but does somebody tried 
using these scripts with Speakup, and Espeak especially? If yes, can I 
receive suggestions how to setup the speaking image, or perhaps will 
somebody be nice and share that image with me? I will be hapy, when i 
have that situation:

1: I am inserting CD or dvd disc to workstation, answering a few 
questions and have Win XP installed.
2: With a driverpacks collection


I will have most of every computer configuration hardware i have 
installed automatically.

Hope, you are understanding my english. :-)

Best regards and thanks for any help with this topic!

Michał Dziwisz

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