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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Sun May 31 04:18:10 EDT 2009

Hi Chris,

Two scripts because speakwith was already in use by a number of people
when espeakup was offered, and the keyword "soft" then became
ambiguous. The speechd-up connector was started or stopped by
speakwaith, since "soft" referred to speech-dispatcher. However, I
wanted "soft" to cause espeakup to be started or stopped instead, and I
figured that very few folks would be using both speech-dispatcher and
espeakup, but would be using one or the other. And it doesn't work to
have both connectors running. So each script kills both connectors, but
speakwith starts speechd-up while talkwith starts espeakup.

I am running archlinux also, by the way. 

The steps you described were okay, they were correct and appropriate,
but could you have done them if "none" had been selected for the synth?
I submit that typing "talkwith soft" or "speakwith ltlk" would be
easier to do if you were without speech feedback for some reason. 

The other thing the scripts do is reload the speakup parameters from
/etc/speakup/synthname  (synthname is specific for your synth) just as
speakupconf would do, and this was added when it appeared that
speakupconf save was broken. It turns out the problem was in speakup,
not speakupconf, and a fix is in the pipeline, thanks to Chris Brannon.

You're right about the README. I'll put it on my list.


On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 08:48:58PM -0400, Christopher Moore wrote:
> Hello,
> I was all set to run Chuck's talkwith script but it wasn't necessary.
> I had speakup running with espeakup.
> Next I loaded the dectlk module and specified a serial port lite this:
> sudo modprobe speakup_dectlk ser=1
> Speakup read out some dectalk commands and finished with dectalk 
> expressed detected.
> Next I unloaded espeakup like this:
> sudo /etc/rc.d/espeakup stop
> And speakup automatically switched to the dectalk with having to do 
> anything else.  I also verified that the synth parameter contains 
> dectlk.  
> I guess I have two questions for Chuck.  First, why two scripts?  Do 
> they do different things?
> And, second, now that speakup seems to be smart enough to switch to the 
> hardware synth when the soft connector is killed, when are these scripts 
> necessary?
> You may want to include a README file in the tarball to explain some of 
> this stuff.
> FYI, I'm running arch linux with sudo installed.  I expect we'd get 
> similar behavior on a debian based system.
> Chris
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