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Hi all.

Apologies for another off topic post, but I'm hoping someone might be
able to shed some light on this issue. In addition to having an ipv6
address assigned to an interface on a machine that's generated from
the mac address and global prefix, I want to also have the kernel
assign a random address to the interface per RFC 3041. To this end, I
have the following in this machine's /etc/sysctl.conf:


However, that doesn't work properly. When I boot the machine, I don't
get the random address assigned to the interface, just the one made up
of the prefix and mac address. After the system boots, and I login, if
I do:

ifdown eth0
rmmod 8139too
modprobe 8139too
ifup eth0

The use_tempaddr option works like it should, I have 2 ipv6 addresses
assigned to the interface, the one made up of the prefix and mac
address, and another one randomly generated by the kernel. By looking
at what happens during boot, I see that udev brings up the network
card hardware, then the sysctl parameters get set, then
/etc/init.d/networking runs. I'm thinking that setting sysctl
parameters before udev brings up the hardware would solve this
problem, but I don't see a way to do that.

The interface is configured in /etc/network/interfaces as:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Yes, the interface gets an ipv4 address via dhcp, and at some point,
also has the machine on the lan running radvd give it the ipv6 info it
needs as well. I can't figure out what causes ipv6 router
solicitations to be broadcast when the interface comes up, though I
suspect it could be network-manager, which I have installed on this
system. Can anyone confirm this, or point out what sends out router
solicitations, if it's not network-manager?

The system in question is running debian testing, and has a
custom-built kernel. Any pointers on how to get use_tempaddr to do
what it's supposed to, without having to take the interface down, and
bring it back up, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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