CPU issues with Speakup

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Sat May 30 02:12:50 EDT 2009

I know for a fact espekupd wakes up the processer 100 times a second 
according to powertop.
Use of usleep perhaps? Haven't looked at the code.
raises wakeup rate on my eeepc from 12.3 a second to 112.3 once espeakupd 
Regards, Kerry.

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On Fri, 29 May 2009, Hermann wrote:

> On my notebook I've only tested the latest GRML 2009-05-RC1 in live mode.
> Although the CPU load is quite normal, e.g. about 6.0%sy, I observe about
> 12500 wakeups per second, which seems extremely high.
> Hardware: Intel processor of 2,7 Ghz and 512 MB RAM.

That does seem pretty excessive.  Where are you getting that wakeup
rate from?  I don't think our scheduling should be bringing anywhere
near that figure.
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