CPU issues with Speakup

Hermann meinelisten at onlinehome.de
Fri May 29 10:23:00 EDT 2009

now that I've tested Speakup on several machines with several GRML 
versions, I found out that Speakup in general seems to use the CPU very 
On my desktop machine with GRML 2008-11, I observe a CPU load of nearly 
100% when Speakup is active; the load is for sys, e.g. 99,1%sy.
The hardware is a 1 Ghz AMD Duron, 256 MB RAM. I use GRML in text mode only.
On my notebook I've only tested the latest GRML 2009-05-RC1 in live mode.
Although the CPU load is quite normal, e.g. about 6.0%sy, I observe 
about 12500 wakeups per second, which seems extremely high.
Hardware: Intel processor of 2,7 Ghz and 512 MB RAM.
In both cases i use Espeakup from GIT.
Is this known?

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